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Origin: Hades
Gender: Male
Classification: God of Blood and Life, Prince of the Underworld, Son of Hades and Persephone, Foster Son of Nyx
Age: Looks to be in his twenties, possibly a lot older
Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance, an expert in using a variety of weapons (consists of swords, spears, shields, bows, fist gauntlets and railguns), immortality (type 1, 3 and 4; will reappear alive in the Underworld when killed, even if his body is destroyed. He is bound to the Underworld by fate, which cannot be changed even by Nyx, who once altered fate to save Zagreus from stillbirth.), self-resurrection (able to defy death and revive himself on the spot without returning to the Underworld up to three times in a row usually.), regeneration (low-mid, can withstand Prometheus’s punishment of having his liver pecked by an eagle), can launch Bloodstone projectiles made from his blood to slow down and weaken foes, can absorb Dark Essence (a substance of Chaos, a domain of pure utter darkness) to empower himself and heal, some sort of power over life, can phase through attacks and obstacles by dashing (It is stated that Zagreus' dash is a short-range version of Thanatos's shift, which allows Thanatos to skip across most of the world, with Thanatos saying that Zagreus can learn to do the same with practice.), can interact and harm ghosts and ghost-like shades, can alter fate (Zagreus shocked Nyx by fulfilling all prophecies in his Fated List, which she thought was impossible, with Nyx stating that Zagreus caught up with the Three Sisters of Fate's designs faster than they could weave despite the sisters being noted to have perfect knowledge of the future.), resistance to heat/fire (can stand in lava), soul manipulation, poison, petrification, mind manipulation, curses, and other elemental attacks; can change the Aspects of his Infernal Arms giving them different abilities like the Aspect of Arthur changes his Stygian Blade to the Holy Excalibur which can form a static field that releases an aura that reduces damage to Zagreus, slows down enemies and projectiles, and disables traps, the attack range is extended through projected energy waves, the Aspect of Guan Yu for his Eternal Spear changes it to Frost Fair Blade and releases long-range damaging energy waves with every attack, after charging energy, the Serpent Strike can be performed, creating a spinning energy blade that heals Zagreus when foes are damaged, his Twin Fists can change to the Aspect of Talos that pulls enemies through magnetism, or the Aspect of Gilgamesh can deliver maiming slashes that make foes more susceptible to damage and slower, also has other abilities that don’t rely on Aspects like life drain/absorption, energy blasts, can telekinetically retrieve his spear, and generate explosions; his two notable Keepsakes like the Evergreen Acorn that nullifies damage for the first five hits, and the Broken Spearpoint offers invulnerability for 1.5 seconds after taking damage, with a recharge rate of seven seconds; can summon his companions (see Megaera, Dusa, Thanatos, Skelly, Sisyphus and Achilles in their respective profiles); potentially is granted Boons gifted to him by the Olympian gods that grant him a variety of abilities that enhances himself or his weapon with mind manipulation (charming enemies or getting them intoxicated), inflicting curses that cause pain, agony, misfortune, and impending doom, can create large spinning metal blades that draw foes in, gaining knowledge of pressure points, plant manipulation, can imbue his attacks with divine energy causing enemy attacks to get reflected back to them, light manipulation, can create shields or create forcefields that deflect or nullify attacks, reality warping on a small scale, ice manipulation, wind manipulation, healing, poison manipulation, can create poisonous fog, inflict paralysis, can become one with the dark and become invisible after creating smoke, water manipulation, lightning manipulation, and can make his bow and railgun have homing projectiles
Weaknesses: Can only take one Infernal Arm and equip one Aspect at a time, Zagreus is bound to the Underworld and will eventually keel over and die if he stays in the mortal realm for long.
Destructive Capacity: At least multi-continent level+ (defeated Hades at full power, who is just as strong as Demeter as they both fought alongside each other against the Titans. Demeter can casually freeze the entire ocean solid if she chooses to, and covered Earth with a winter storm that bloated out the sun, prevented crops from growing, and forced the Earth into a never-ending ice age. Demeter eventually restored the Earth back to the way it was.)
Range: Melee range with Twin Fists, extended melee range with most melee weapons, at least hundreds of meters with ranged weapons and various abilities
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (Zagreus and the bosses can dodge Zeus’s lightning. Hermes, with his speed, can collect and transport the souls of humans and animals across Earth to the Underworld's only entrance in Greece when they die. Hermes has done this multiple times.), likely higher (Thanatos is incapable of performing Hermes' task due to the high death rate for mortals despite Thanatos having the ability to teleport. Zagreus was also the first to Nyx's knowledge to catch up to the Three Sisters of Fate's designs which were thought to be impossible, with Nyx stating that the Three Fates need to start weaving a little faster despite the sisters constantly weaving the individual fates of all mortals and gods with perfect knowledge of the future even before they are born.)
Durability: At least multi-continent level+ (can take hits from Hades)
Lifting Strength: At least Class K+ (is stronger than Sisyphus, a mortal who is eternally punished for repeatedly pushing a giant boulder up a hill. Achilles states that Zagreus exhibits his father’s might. Defeated Asterius the Minotaur, who is speculated to be even stronger than Heracles.)
Striking Strength: Class NJ+
Stamina: Very high (in a short amount of time, can defeat hundreds of legions of the Underworld and powerful foes like Megaera and Hades. His father Hades constantly recreates the layout of the Underworld to make it harder to escape. Also, Ares found it impressive that Zagreus could still fight with fatal wounds that would kill a mortal.)
Standard Equipment: His six Infernal Arms consist of the Stygian Blade via sword, Eternal Spear, Shield of Chaos (he can throw it like Captain America), Heart-Seeking Bow, Twin Fists of Malphon (pair of gauntlets for punching), and Adamant Rail (similar to a machinegun), his Codex of the Underworld and his Keepsakes.
Intelligence: Has been trained by his mentor Achilles, the legendary Spartan warrior. Zagreus is known as a prodigy in combat.
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Not to be confused with the mythological character they are both named after.