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Name: Alibaba Saluja
Origin: Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
Gender: Male
Classification: Human dungeon conqueror
Age: 17-18, 18-19, 21-22
Powers and Abilities: Super strengthspeed, durability, endurance, agility, flight, skilled in the art of fencing (incorporates this in his fighting style), skilled swordsman, the ability to channel and use Magoi (pure power), by focusing Magoi in his dagger he able to utilize Magic (the transformation of Magoi into other substances), fire manipulation through the use of his Djinn Amon, can use Djinn Equip (by possessing and assimilating himself with his Djinn he is able to obtain the same power as a materialized Djinn), can use fire in nature to amp his powers, can transform his Metal Vessel into Amon's Sword for increased range and power
Weaknesses: Overusing his Magoi reverts him back to base
Destructive Capacity: At least multi city block level+, city level while his Full Body Djinn Equip [can easily cut down Black Djinns] | City level (able to fight against Hakuryuu who was using his Full Body Djinn Equip's | Unknown
Range: A few meters | A few meters | Several hundred meters with extreme magic
Speed: Superhuman running speed, faster than the eye can see+, likely higher (was capable of intercepting Mu) | Faster than the eye can see+ | Massively hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (he thinks so fast that a couple of days feels like more than hundreds of years and as Yunan also said, ''it sharpened the margins between life and death, a super concentrated power that can make an instant last for an eternity''
Durability: At least multi city block level+, possibly at least town level+ | City level | Unknown
Lifting Strength: Likely superhuman | Class M | Class M+
Striking Strength: Superhuman | At least Class MJ+ | Class GJ+
Stamina: Superhuman
Standard Equipment: His Djinn's (Amon) Metal Vessel: a dagger (formerly), Alibaba now uses Balbadd's Royal Sword as his Djinn's Metal Vesel
Intelligence: Adept in swordsmanship, received high level education, usually a quick thinker and has came up with ways to compliment his fire powers with regular human means
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Amon: Ablibaba's metal vessel. Alibaba can ''equip'' Amon, which then gives Alibaba an overall increase in power, flight, and fire attributes. 

  • Amol Al-Bador Saiqa (Flame Ministers Beheading Sword): This extreme magic allows to Alibaba summon a giant flame entity with a sword.
  • Scorching Wall of Flames: Alibaba ignites the surrounding area with a massive wall of flames.

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Full Djinn Equip while using Amon

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