Can sometimes be referred to as "idea manipulation" or "abstract manipulation."

A very broad category power of controlling aspects which fundamentally define existence itself, which itself leads into a plethora of subpowers due to the very nature of "existence" itself being incredibly inclusive. Depending on the abstract concept being manipulated as well as the scope of influence the user holds over an aspect, this could range from something as simple as merely drawing power from an abstract concept for generic benefits (i.e.: increased strength or shoot destructive energy blasts by focusing on the destructive aspect of sheer "hatred") to outright redefining existence on multiple levels (i.e.: superimposing the concept of "erasure" upon existence to delete knowledge and experiences from target minds, remove rules from the world, delete specific properties of matter, negate space to cross from point A to point B instantly, negate the flow of time to induce temporal stasis, etc).

As such, the details of conceptual manipulation being applied in a fictional setting should always be elaborated through more detail to determine the extent of their influence including a combination of author statements, character statements, setting lore, supplementary side material and, most of all, actual feats. The majority of conceptual/abstract entities tend to have conceptual manipulation included in the package simply due to their very being having a strong affinity with a fundamental aspect of existence. Additionally, due to higher levels of this power being capable of rewriting fundamental aspects of existence, this is some of the few reliable ways to directly target high level abstract entities for as their very being just so happens the very exact thing conceptual manipulation targets in the first place. Finally, given that conceptual manipulation has been previously mentioned as incredibly broad to pinpoint as a standalone power, resisting a conceptual attack should either be based on what the concept exactly targets (i.e.: if a conceptual attack targets mind or reality, then a strong enough resistance against mind manipulation or reality warping respectively can negate such an attack) or if the victim explicitly is resistant to a specific abstract concept.

All in all, conceptual manipulation can be extremely versatile in some cases due to having so much coverage, yet it should always be analyzed extensively as they are not created equally as well as to avoid falling in a No Limits Fallacy that commonly plagues this kind of power in versus debate environments.

 Also, if you're writer and don't know how to properly show your feats, always use the word "concept". Looking at you Nasu.

Examples of characters with Conceptual Manipulation:

- Archetypes and Outer Gods from Cthulhu Mythos
- Chaos Gods from Warhammer 40,000
- Crimson Lords from Shakugan no Shana
- Jin Arizuka, Odin and Nagisa Suzushiro from Fortissimo
- Light Hawk Wings users from Tenchi Muyo!
- Many characters from Demonbane
- Many characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Vertigo Comics and Image Comics
- Many characters from Shin Megami Tensei
- Mazoku & Shinzoku from Slayers
- MEoDP users, Slash Emperor, Gae Bolg and many other characters and weapons from Nasuverse
- Mutants from Chrome Shelled Regios
- Perfectio, Kaiser Ephes, Euzeth Gozzo, Dis Astranagant and other characters/mechas from Super Robot Wars
- Sutras possessors from Saiyuki
- Unicron , Primus and Thirteen from Transformers
- Witches and Sorcerers from Umineko
- Yukari Yakumo, Flandre Scarlet and other characters from Touhou