Death Star x OBD
Death Star II

Name: Death Star II
Origin: Star Wars
Type: Battlestation, Superweapon
In use by: Galactic Empire
Powered by: Hypermatter Reactor
Destructive Capacity: Large planet level+ with superlaser, continent level+ with turbolasers
Durability: Large planet level+ with shields
Material: Durasteel
Performance: Relativistic realspace speeds, Massively FTL+ hyperspace speeds (can travel across a galaxy in hours)
Weaknesses: Nothing notable
Terrain: Space
Needed Prerequisite for use: An entire crew
Operation Timeframe: Several years at least
Weaponry: Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser, 15,000 heavy turbolasers, 15,000 turbolasers, 7500 laser cannons, 5000 ion cannons, 768 tractor beam projectors
Weapons Range: Several light minutes
Special Forms: None
Notable Features: Electromagnetic Jamming field, various dropships, starfighter and even capital ship complements
Notable Attacks/Techniques: