Executor Class Star x OBD
One of the ultimate examples of the GE's military might

Name: Executor Class Star Dreadnought
Origin: Star Wars
Type: Starship
In use by: Galactic Empire
Powered by: Hypermatter Reactor
Destructive Capacity: Continent level+ with turbolasers and missiles, planetary with continuous bombardment
Durability: Continent level+ with energy shields (tanked 3 ISD's hyperspace jumping into it)
Material: Durasteel, Doonium
Performance: Relativistic realspace speeds, Massively FTL+ hyperspace speed (can travel across a galaxy in hours)
Weaknesses: Sections of shields can be levelled an expose the hull to damage
Terrain: Space
Needed Prerequisite for Use: An entire crew
Operational Timeframe: 7 years
Weaponry: 2000 turbolaser cannons, 2000 heavy turbolaser cannons, 250 assault concussion missile lauchers, 250 heavy ion cannons, 40 tractor beam projectors, 500 point defense lasers
Weapons Range: Several light-minutes
Special Forms: None
Notable features: Various dropships and stafighters
Notable Attacks/Techniques: