Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer/ISD x OBD
Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer

Name: Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer
Origin: Star Wars
Type: Star Destroyer; Capital Ship
Length: 1600 meters
Crew: 37,085
Top Acceleration (Sub-Light): ~2,300Gs
Top Speed: Massively FTL (several million times c)
Other: Class 2 Hyper Drive


- Durasteel Armor Plating
- 2 ISD-72x shield generator domes


- 8 Octuplate Barbette Turbolasers
- 5 Heavy Turbo Laser Batteries
- 31+ Turbo Laser Batteries
- 20 Heavy Ion Cannon
- 10 Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams
- Able to ships up to the size of cruisers at up to ranges of 220km

Support and Deployment Capabilities:

- 72 TIE-Fighters
- 8 Lambda Class Shuttles
- 5 Assault Gunboats
- Gamma Assault Shuttles
- Repair&Recovery Vehicles
- 20 AT-AT
- 20 AT-ST
- Skipray Blast Boats
- 15 Detla-Class Stormtrooper Transports
- Various other Land Vehicles
- AT-AT Barges
- Large Dropships to drop off Imperial Armor

Destructive Capacity: 250 TJ (3750 TW), Intermediate ROF; Mountain/Mountain-Chain+

- Can casually destroy/vaporize asteroids with a single turbolaser burst
- Given a few hours or days (depending on the size of the planet) they can life-wipe it by completely destroying the Crust and leaving the planet nothing but a smoldering ocean of magma


- Made of Durasteel, a substance 300,000 times stronger than steel
- Has Shields capable of easily absorbing with large concentrated volleys of attacks ranging on the several TJ levels


- Reactor's Power Output is comparable to about that of a small star
- Each cost over 145 Billion Credits
- Prone to break downs and abundant in flaws, yet, despite it, they were still some of the most formidable ships of their time
- Parallels can be drawn between the Galactic Empire's Imperial-II ISD, and Nazi Germany's Tiger and Tiger II Super Heavy Tanks