TIE Fighter x OBD
TIE Fighter

Name: TIE/ln starfighter
Pilot: Imperial Navy pilots
Origin: Star Wars
Powered By: SFS I-a2b solar ionization reactor, secondary generator for cannons
Destructive Capacity: Town level
Durability: Large building level to city block level (can be destroyed by high-speed collisions with asteroids larger than the craft itself)
Material: Various metals, electronics, and other materials including titanium
Performance: 1200 km/h in atmosphere, can accelerate continuously to relativistic speeds in space
Terrain: Space, planetary atmosphere
Needed Prerequisite for Use: Knowledge of how to pilot it
Weaponry: 2 SFS L-s1 laser cannons
Notable Features: Solar panels allow it to recharge power without need of refueling, equipped with an ejector seat, can carry 65 kilograms of cargo
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Other: This profile covers the basic craft known most commonly as the TIE Fighter, not any of the modified or upgraded versions. TIE stands for "Twin Ion Engine".