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The main competition for DC Comics, Marvel is a comic book publishing company that created many iconic superheroes.

Recently Marvel has been milking their creations for all they're worth by making movies for practically every character they have. Some of these movies (e.g. Iron Man) are better than others (e.g. Spider-Man 3) but they have been pretty successful in general.

Something notable about Marvel is they have never needed or pursued a permanent line wide title reboot before 2015, which means that since Marvel's modern inception in the 60s, all comic titles that haven't suffered retcons later are canonical to the "main" (sometimes numbered 616 out of all the possible universes) Marvel universe, with the exception of non-canon imprints (like The End titles), separate universe imprints (like What If? titles and Ultimate Marvel/Ultimate Comics titles - not to be confused with Ultimate Collections, which are trade paperbacks for any title collecting more issues than normal-) and series that creators state are not in continuity. The one constant is the fact that, relative to current events in comics, the formation of the first modern super-heroes happened a bit over a decade ago. NEVER think too much about time in comics beyond that simple premise.

In 2015, Marvel Comics released a storyline known as "Secret Wars", recalling the original storyline of the same name. This event, similar to DC Comics's Crisis On Infinite Earths, completely rebooted the continuity of Marvel Comics and destroyed the original Marvel Comics Multiverse.

The "All New, All Different" Marvel Comics that followed had a combined Earth-616 and Ultimate universe as a main continuity, with the multiverse soon having been recreated by Reed Richards (empowered by the energy of the Beyonders), Franklin Richards, and Molecule Man.


Standing in the Battledome

Marvel is considered to be one of the strongest, universe (well technically Omniverse) in the OBD, since they do have the most powerful being in fiction ever created: Squirrel Girl.

Average abilities in the Marvel universe are super strength, super agility, super spandex, and the fact that you only need pretty much to add water to get artificial intelligence.

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(note that some of these characters, such as Magneto and Juggernaut, frequently find themselves allied with the good guys for varying reasons. This list mainly specifies their "default" alignment.)

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  • Annihilation Wave
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  • Sh'iar Empire
  • Skrulls

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