Perfect and Elegant maid

Name: Sakuya Izayoi (given by Remilia, real name is unknown)
Origin: Touhou
Gender: Female
Classification: Human (assumed, there are hints that claim she is possibly a Lunarian)/Head Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
Age: Claims to be at her late-teens, suggested to be hundreds of years old
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, stamina, flight, uncanny skill with knives, time manipulation (time stop, time acceleration, time slowing, time compression, summon temporal clones and even erase targets from time), spatial manipulation (can alter distance and volume to increase or decrease), bypass intangibility, resistance to mind manipulation
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive capacity: Large star level+ (her knife skills are a threat to Gensokyo's powerful humans at the very least)
Range: Several hundred meters (controls space inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion making it incredibly big on the inside)
Speed: MFTL+
Durability: Large star level+ (comparable to the main heroines)
Lifting Strength: Class 25 (comparable to Tenshi)
Striking Strength: Class XTJ+
Stamina: Very high (fought for an entire day in Perfect Cherry Blossom)
Standard equipment: Throwing knives made from silver, auto homing knives as of Double Dealing Character
Intelligence: Skilled fighter and a hypercompetent maid
Notable attacks/techniques:

- Time jump: Can "age" things faster.

- Time/Space compression/expansion: Since space and time are related she can control space, shrinking and increasing distances at will.

- Past/Present/Future compression: Compresses time so that the past present and future exist simultaneously, enabling her past attacks, future attacks and present attacks to hit at the same time..

- Vanishing Everything: Sakuya stops time and teleports. Since it's usually hard to tell when she's teleporting, it's useful as a warp technique. She leaves a card behind, which is probably to make it look like her own kind of magic.

Vanishing Everything
Vanishing Everything

- Sense of thrown edge: Throws knives and then manipulates time to stop them in midair. The knives will resume motion after time passes, or after placing another set.

- Time Sign Perfect Square: Her specialty, time manipulation. It delays time around her, slowing down the enemy, providing overwhelming offensive and defensive superiority.

Private Square
Private Square

- Illusion Burial "Phantasmal Murderer of the Night Fog" : A stronger version of Murder Doll. A temporal manipulation spell where knives leave the screen then bear down on the enemy at blinding speed.

Soul Sculture
Soul Sculture

- Time Sign "Sakuya's Specially-made Stopwatch" : A technique that throws out time suspension fields. Enemies caught in the field can't move until they leave it.

- Illusion Seal Image Clock: A spell card that stops time and arranges knives in ridiculous ways.

- Maid Secrete Skill: A spell card where thrown knives suddenly change direction. Sakuya teleports, too.

- Void Inflation Square: A spell card that stops time and randomly scatters knives.

- Deflation World: A mysterious spell card that manifests the past and the future of thrown knives at the same time. The knives can only fly straight ahead, so the past and the future form a straight line. In the end, this is the same as a laser, isn't it?

Deflation World
Deflation World

- Time Sign Tunnel Effect: A spell card that manifests the past and future of thrown knives. Similar to Deflation World, but time runs in reverse in this one.

- Time Paradox: Another Sakuya will appear right in front of the actual Sakuya. The reason behind this? Parallel universes, etc, etc.

Time Paradox
Time Paradox

- Light Speed "C. Ricochet": Throws knives at high speed and they attack the enemy after a short time lag. Very hard to spot, and the knives go everywhere, but the last knife is the one that hits. (The "c" is the shorthand notation for the speed of light in a vacuum, hinting that this attack indeed goes at the speed of light)

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