The Jabberwock

 Ryo Takatsuki, Jabberwock, King of Destruction
Origin: Project ARMS
Gender: Male
Classification: Human/Alien Hybrid/ARMS Test Subject
Age: 18, much older by the end of the manga
Powers and Abilities: Super strengthspeeddurability, skilled martial artist, ability to generate/absorb fire (hotter than the surface of the sun), can cut through space-time, can survive temperatures approaching absolute zero levels, can erect electromagnetic forcefieldsflighttelepathic resistance, high speed regeneration (low-high, can regen from atomic destruction), can break out of illusions, can generate hypersonic vibrations, power can increase depending on his emotions, ability to prevent regeneration via the use of his claws, ability to resonate with earth (this allows him to create powerful earthquakes as displayed in the Grand Canyon), the ability to create and control antimatter, ability to absorb high energy sources (such as nukes and heavy artillery), rapid evolution and adaptation, very high resistance to poisons (was able to resist fairly lengthy exposure to a poison capable of killing an elephant), can increase the length of his arms to attack foes at a distance
Weaknesses: Destruction of his core which lies in his body leads to loss of regeneration
Destructive Capacity: At least city level+ going by feats (destroyed a large portion of Arizona, was said to make a nuke look like a fire cracker), atomic level destruction, planet level+ with a whole fist full of antimatter (a well known and renowned physicist stated it only takes a fist full of antimatter to destroy the earth, note he was referring to the size of his own fist, the Jabberwock's fist is much larger), planet level+ when combined with Alice
Range: Thousands of kilometers, possibly planetary
Speed: Hypersonic+ (casually dodges fire from miniguns, able to outspeed fire from AK-47's), relativistic with Hyper Acceleration
Durability: Planet level+ (Alice was able to tank a blast of two fist fulls of antimatter), likely higher, regeneration makes him hard to kill
Lifting Strength: Class 100
Striking Strength: Class GJ
Stamina: Incredibly large, has shown no signs of getting tired once in the series
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Ryo always calmly analyzes any new situation and figures out the best solution, cool-headed most of the time and an excellent leader, strategist, and overall combatant
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Transformation: Jabberwock: Ryo's full ARMS transformation the Jabberwock.

- Compressed Air Cannon: This ability consumes raw materials like concrete or metal, converts them into crude bullets, and fires them with compressed air at extreme speeds. This ability is highly destructive and was able to severely damage and disable the personal combat cyborgs of the Chapel twins. This is one of the most commonly used powers by Ryo and establishes him as the only original ARMS with any significant long-range firepower.

- Regeneration Cancellation: Ryo can deprive an enemy ARMS user of regeneration through contact with his claws.

- Temperature Control: Ryo has the ability to increase the temperature of his body hotter than the surface of the sun. He can also launch flaming shockwaves simply by waving his hand.

- Space-Time Cut: Ryo has the ability to cut through space-time.

- Electromagnetic Distortion: During the fight with Keith Silver, Ryo gained the ability to create electromagnetic fields to distort and deflect the laser blasts fired by Keith Silver in his standard and ultimate forms.

- Hypersonic Vibrations: Ryo uses hypersonic vibrations that cause the very atomic structure of the target to shatter and crumble.

- Hyper Acceleration: This ability allows Ryo to move at relativistic speeds over short distances.

- Electromagnetic Rail Gun: Due to Ryo's compressed air cannon being ineffective against Silver's energy shield, it evolved to utilize the previously defensive magnetic fields used to deflect Silver's particle beams into a rail gun which uses electromagnetic induction to launch projectiles many times faster and with more destructive force than its previous incarnation.

- Absorption: Ryo can absorb most forms of energy and matter, even in the forms of nukes and bullets.

- Antimatter Production: The most dangerous ability exhibited by Ryo. During his fight with Keith Silver in Gallows Bell, the Jabberwock absorbed all the energy from Keith's most powerful laser blast and used it to create antimatter which he used to create a massive explosion that wiped out most of Gallows Bell. Also, it was stated by Dr. Samuel Tillinghast that the Jabberwock can create large quantities of antimatter and this ability could lead to the destruction of the entire world. After being roused from dormancy by the resurrected White Alice, the Jabberwock no longer seems to be burdened with the energy production limitation of his antimatter ability. Shortly after the resurrection the Jabberwock is seen gleefully holding two fistfuls of antimatter (this releases high amounts of gamma radiation).

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Other: One gram of antimatter has the power of a twenty kiloton nuclear bomb, the Jabberwock is able to produce two fist fulls.

The King of Destruction

Not to be confused with the character of the same name from Ronin Warriors