When they say a giant amongst giants, they ain't kidding...


Name: Oars, sometimes romanized as Oz, epithets "The Continent-Puller" and "The Devil"
Origin: One Piece
Classification: Super Giant, Zombie
Gender: Male
Age: Actual age before being given a shadow was somewhere around 300-500 years old (his body no longer ages due to being turned into a zombie)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, immunity to pain due to the fact of being a zombie, immortality (types 1 and 7), the ability to stretch (with Moriah's help)
Weaknesses: Immunity to pain (he will not realize the extent of his injuries), salt can be used to extract the shadow that hosts his body (but you need a lot of it due to his size)
Destructive Capacity: At least city level+ (beat on both Thriller Bark arc Sanji and Zoro)
Range: Extended melee range (a few dozen meters duo to his gargantuan size) normally, further with stretching
Speed: Sub-relativistic+ (was able to blitz and dodge both Zoro and Sanji)
Durability: At least city level+ (still conscious after taking a barrage of attacks and a sword slash from Nightmare Luffy including a Gomu Gomu no Storm)
Lifting Strength: At least Class G+
Striking Strength: At least Class PJ+ (stronger than Thriller Bark arc Monster Trio)
Stamina: Superhuman+ (does not feel pain or fatigue)
Standard Equipment: Nothing notable
Intelligence: Not very intelligent on his own but with the help of Gecko Moria his battle tactics are greatly enhanced
Notable Attacks/Techniques: Capable of every attack Luffy has except Gear 2 or Gear 3. Able to stretch as well via Moriah's intervention

- Gomu Gomu no Shirimochi (roughly translates to "the Gum Gum Buttstomp"): A technique Oz created on his own, Oz uses his large buttocks to stomp on his opponents by jumping on them.

- Oz Ball: A technique used in conjunction with Moria. Using his own Devil Fruit powers, Moria makes Oz's shadow into a ball, causing Oz to turn into a ball as well. He then rolls around to crush his opponents.

Notable OBD Victories:

- Yammy (Bleach) - Yammy Profile
- Four Heavenly Kings (Toriko) (outdated, Oars would lose to any one of them now)

Notable OBD Losses:

- Vergil and Dante (Devil May Cry) - Vergil, Dante - 1 on 1 fights with Oz running the gauntlet

Notable OBD Draws:

Other: His name is apparently officially romanized as "Oars" but that's retarded so we call him Oz. Size comparison. Not to be confused with the similarly - named character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.