Name: Hakuryuu Ren
Origin: Magi - Labyrinth of Magic
Gender: Male
Classification: Human Dungeon Conqueror, Kou Empire Prince
Age: 16-17, 17-18, 20-21
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, skilled with the spear and sword, skilled hand-to-hand fighter, magoi manipulation, can use metal vessels, can djinn equip, can use magic (nature and gravity), nature manipulation, can make fungus servants, mind control, flight, body parts cut by Belial's scythe are sent to another dimension (if the entire body is hit then the soul is sent instead), can create illusions and rewrite a target's memories, can strip a target of their senses
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Around building level | City level while using his Full Body Djinn Equip's (in Belial's case, Belial's scythe can send any body part of the opponent it cuts into another dimension, but if it cuts the entire body, then the soul is sent into another dimension) | City level, likely higher (able to fight for a while against Arba [in Hakuei's body])
Range: Extended melee | Hundreds of meters | A kilometer with extreme magic
Speed: Superhuman | Faster than the eye can see+ | At least faster than the eye can see+
Durability: Around building level | City level (ran right through an attack from Alibaba with no injures to show for it and survived some other strong attacks from Alibaba as well) | City level, likely higher
Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Superhuman | Superhuman
Striking Strength At least Class KJ (can damage stone golems with magoi enhanced strikes) | Class GJ+ (can match Alibaba) | Class GJ+ (although Alibaba said Belial is weaker than Zagan, Hakuryuu can still evenly match Alibaba just fine)
Stamina: Superhuman (didn't waver when he was stabbed in the gut by Gyoken and was still conscious after have both his legs cut off by Alibaba)
Standard Equipment: His 2 metal vessels
Intelligence: Skilled fighter, decent leader
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Zagan: Hakuryuu's first metal vessel. Hakuryuu can ''equip'' Zagan, which gives Hakuryuu an overall increase in power and nature attributes.

  • Nature Magic: With the help of Zagan, Hakuryuu is able to manipulate nature and even cast magic.
    • Zaug Movalezo (Dragon Taming Wooden Lotus Shock): Hakuryuu summons wooden dragons (up to 5) from his finger tips or from the ground. They come out in a whip - like fashion.

    • Fungus: Hakuryuu can send magoi into the air giving birth to microscopic fungus in the air. These fungus are strong enough to melt even preskip Aladdin's borg.

    • Zaug Aluazra (Life-Controlling Bow): Hakuryuu treats his spear as a bow and fires a large amount of magoi into the air which produces a larger number and even bigger fungus.


Belial: Hakuryuu's second metal vessel. Hakuryuu can ''equip'' Belial, which gives Hakuryuu an overall increase in power and ability to manipulate the 5 senses.

Belial in all it's bony glory 

  • Belior Zakera (Memory Manipulation): Belial's basic power to create illusions and rewrite memories. By using this magic Hakuryuu can manipulate the minds of his enemies and have them do his bidding. However, this can be blocked with a Borg from a magician or magi, but it still results in a bit of head trauma as seen by Aladdin. The range in which illusions can be used is only 10 meters but it can't be said the same when it is in the djinn equip form because he was shown using it with his metal vessel.
  • Belior Goldoreza (Severing Funeral Scythe): By using Belial's weapon equip Hakuryuu can sever the senses of his opponents. The scythe can't physically hurt people, but all senses in part of the body that is cut by the blade are send to another space. According to Hakuryuu those wounds are impossible to heal.
  • Belior Zauto (Severing Funeral Roar): When this Extreme Magic is summoned, a huge decaying dragon appears and let's loose a roar. It's a roar that devours and destroys all the 5 senses of any living things caught inside of it's range.


- Combination attacks: It is a combination between Zagan’s powers and Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation. Zagan can only manipulate the plants that are in contact with his Metal Vessel, but by sending Zagan’s Magic inside of the plant seeds, thanks to Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation, he is able to manipulate the plant as long as the Magoi he sent inside of the seed doesn't run out. Hakuryuu can also use Zagan to increase the potency of Belial's mind manipulation techniques.

  • Netsumegusa: It is a kind of grass belonging to the pea family. It has ridiculously long roots that can be used as fragrant herbs. Hakuryuu uses his Djinn, Zagan, to bring out the limit of its special characteristics.
  • Brain Plant: After brainwashing a person with Belial, Hakuryuu can implant inside the targets brain special plant circuits to stimulate his hatered and exitement. Thanks to that he can muster the maximum strength of his soldiers bodies.


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