Nanoha OBD
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Name: Nanoha Takamachi, "Ace of Aces"
Origin: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Gender: Female
Classification: Human, TSAB Captain, Tactics Instructor, Mage
Age: 9 at the start of the series, currently 25
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, agility, durability (with barrier jacket), endurance, flightmagic energy manipulation, molecular manipulation (magic causes physical effects by moving the molecules that make up the object), photon magic manipulation, magic barriers (resistance to physical, magical, time-space, dimensional, and environmental factors), auto shields, seal and binding spells, can prevent the use of mana energy resources, can create blaster bits to assist her and preform spells, telekinesis, healing, passive telepathy, resistant to physical possession, soulfucktransmutation and mind controlteleportation including dimensional travel/BFR and dimensional time-sealing force field creation via powerscaling, can destroy pocket dimensions, knowledgeable in various forms of combat, long range search and scanning, extra sensory perceptions, can sense killing intent and illusions, digital HUD-like vision, and lesbian turning (similar to a certain poster), which she did to Fate
Weaknesses: She loses her durability without her barrier jacket
Destructive Capacity: At least island level+ at minimum, likely higher (created an explosion that covered an area of 4.4k km in the movie and another 64 km in diameter and helped shoot through the Garden of Time with Divine Buster; scales to Fate who stopped a Jewel Seed with her bare hands with said Jewel Seed causing a considerable dimensional tremor), higher with Starlight Breaker | At least country level (contributed in creating a country sized explosion and destroying Chrono's Eternal Coffin; stronger than her S1 self), Continent level+ with Formula Mode | At least continent level+ (can match S+ Rank attacks in an Anti Magilink Field), higher via combination attacks and Blaster System (lost 8% of her power after StrikerS; far more durable than her S1 and S2 selves)
Range: Extended melee range with devices, several dozen kilometers with projectiles
Speed: Hypersonic+ (mach 61+), massively hypersonic+ (mach 530+, can keep up with Fate) reactions/combat speed | Hypersonic+, massively hypersonic+ reactions/combat speed | Hypersonic+, massively hypersonic+ reactions/combat speed (mach 1477+, outpaced and reacted to Dieci's blast), higher with Blaster System
Durability: At least island level+, likely higher, tanked Fate's Photon Lancer Phalanx Shift; also took a Jewel Seed's explosion head on when she and Fate clashed near one, and the way the Jewel Seed activated to begin with was a combination of her and Fate's magical energies; the Jewel Seed that she survived caused a dimensional tremor) | At least country level (survived her own Exelion Buster going off less than than a meter in front of herself; more durable than her S1 self) Continent level+ with Formula Mode (was at the epicenter of the explosion she caused in the movie with only severe injuries) | At least continent level+, likely much higher (tanked Dieci's blast with her round shield; far more durable than her S1 and S2 selves), magic barriers make her hard to kill
Lifting Strength: At least Class M
Striking Strength: At least Class YJ+ (compressed-mana strike can cause a kilometers wide explosion) | Class YJ+, likely much higher (can clash with Vita and Reinforce) | Class YJ+, likely much higher (can fight with Signum in close combat, could block punches from Sankt Kaiser Vivio that were capable of breaking her barriers)
Stamina: Superhuman, was capable of extensive use of the blaster system which caused physical damage when first used
Standard equipment: Raising Heart Exelion, magic cartridges (similar to shotgun shells), CW-AEC02X Strike Cannon, CW-AEC00X Fortress
Intelligence: Capable of learning magic at a remarkable rate despite requiring complex mathematical calculations while nine years old. Highly adept at battle tactics, being a tactics combat instructor, with many years of combat experience and fighting against diverse foes.
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Flash Move: A spell used to increase movement speed dramatically (if temporarily, and limited for short range movement) by boosting mana to the Flier Fin.

- Flash Impact: It is a compressed mana-strike attack preceded by the rapid approaching of the opponent with the speed enhancing spell Flash Move. An explosion occurs after the hit.

- Axle Shooter: Fires multiple small magic energy bullets that Nanoha can guide and control with great speed and precision. At the time of A's, up to 12 bolts can be fired at once. In StrikerS, a total of 32 bolts can be launched at the same time. It also has auto-homing and barrier-piercing properties.

- Divine Buster: Nanoha's signature move. Fires a large blast of magic energy.

- Divine Buster Extension: An improved version with longer range and a targeting reticule.

- Accelerate Charge System: A Device upgrade that increases its capacity for high-speed charge attacks - activation of Raising Heart's A.C.S causes its head to sprout 4 energy wings and a Strike Flame, while its butt manifests a rocket booster which allows Nanoha to travel at great speed

- Strike Flame: A semi-realized energy blade emitted by the tip of Nanoha's Raising Heart Exelionas part of its Accelerate Charge System (A.C.S). The energy filled therein is used for high-speed charges. This attack is particularly useful for piercing armor penetration. With the rocket boost provided by the accelerate charger, the Strike Flame was capable of penetrating barriers like Reinforce's Barrier Shield.

- A.C.S Driver: A spell to expand fully the Strike Flame and perform accelerate-charge attack with the help of the Accelerate Charge System. It is classified as an "energy blade generation + flight support strengthening" spell.

- Barrel Shot: When cast, an invisible Bind-type spell is shot at the opponent, preventing their movement and leaving them open for a bombardment attack.

- Strike Stars: One of Nanoha's more powerful beam spells, it can be auto guided to its target or controlled.

- Blast Calamity: A S-Rank spell cast by both Nanoha and Fate, using Raising Heart's Exelion Mode and Bardiche's Zanber Form. A barrel field is first generated by Raising Heart, then the Nanoha's mana is fed into Bardiche's blade. Fate uses their mana to release a blow of energy through a strike, followed by Nanoha's Buster and Fate's Smasher to fill the field.

- Exelion Buster: Stronger version of Divine Buster - was capable of matching an over S-Rank attack under an anti magilink field. It has additional barrier-breaking and explosive effects.

- Starlight Breaker: Nanoha condenses stray magical energy in the area into a large sphere, then strikes it with Raising Heart to release the energy as a powerful beam. Nanoha's strongest move. Can be charged for a longer time before firing, giving it greater power and forcefield-piercing properties. Or it can be done in Exelion Mode, using a full magazine of cartridges to replace the energy that had to be gathered from the nearby area while still surpassing its power.

- Blaster System: A power-up system that Nanoha uses - an experimental booster consisting of three levels (Blaster One, Two, and Three) that far surpasses the physical limits of the user's body. It greatly enhances Nanoha's offensive and defensive powers at the cost of her and Raising Heart's lives. Enables her to create up to 4 blaster bits that will execute the same moves as Raising Heart with equal force.

Starlight Breaker x5

Restrict Lock: Spell to restrain the targets within an area with light wheels, usually placed around their limbs.

- Chain Bind: Unlike most other binding spells, this type does not seem to lock a target into the one spot at which it was captured, which seems to allow the caster to use the chain to pull the target towards himself or otherwise drag it into a position of his choosing. Chain Bind can additionally cut through physical objects if "pulled" hard enough.

- Crystal Cage: Generates a pyramid-like magic cage to imprison the opponent.

Crystal Cage

- Binding Shield: A shield-type defensive spell combining the elements of Chain Bind, binding the opponent's arm with chains to the shield to keep them in place.

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Key: Season 1 | A's | StrikerS/Force

She used to be notably wanked to hell on spacebattles, as various retards there thought she can beat high - tier DBZ characters, Majin Dark Schneider, etc. Interestingly, they also claimed she would lose to Jack Rakan, thus cementing the fact that spacebattles is utterly ignorant when it comes to anime/manga.