The Seven Ghosts


Background Information

Claymore is a manga and anime series by Norihiro Yagi. It is about female warriors called Claymores (named after the swords they wield) who are tasked to fight monsters known as Youma.

The plot is considered by many to be superior to the plots of much other contemporary manga (maybe in the past), including the Holy Shonen Trinity (not that hard to beat anyway). The first half of the manga is quite good, but it, unfortunately, becomes a bit of a clusterfuck in the second half, towards the end. The anime, on the other hand, in this author's opinion, had some of the best fights seen in animation since Dragon Ball. It also ended more or less at the point before the manga on which it was based started to become a clusterfuck.


Standing in the Battledome

Speed is emphasized in Claymore, and often scenes are drawn as to suggest extreme speed. As a series, its top tiers are in the massively hypersonic to sub-relativistic+, and the high tiers and top tiers can range from small town level to town level+ in terms of destructive capacity. Overall, the series is on the upper end of things in terms of speed but ultimately suffer due to mediocre DC and hax abilities.

The stronger Claymore characters can at least fight high tiers from Hunter x Hunter and mid tiers from One Piece.


Supporters of the Series


  • Basilikos
  • Chahige
  • Charcan
  • Crimson King
  • Dandy Elegance
  • DestinyDestroyer
  • Eldritch Sukima
  • Garv
  • Imagine
  • Lucaniel
  • Nevermind
  • Weather
  • willyvereb


OBD Profiles


Character Profiles


Seven Ghosts


Clair_thumb.png Cynthia_thumbnial3.png Deneve_thumbnial3.png Helen_thumbnial3.png Miria_thumbpicture3.png Tabitha_thumbnial3.png
Clare Cynthia Deneve Helen Miria Tabitha


Organization Members (Past and Present)


Alicia_thumb.png Anastasia_thumbpicturethree.png Beth_thumbnailpic.png Clarice_thumbnailpic.png Dietrich_thumbnial.png Flora_thumbpic.png
Alicia Anastasia Beth Clarice Dietrich Flora
Galatea_thumbpicture3.png Ilene_thumbnial3.png Miata_thumb.png Noel_thumbnial.png Ophelia_thumbnial.png
Galatea Iiene Jean Miata Noel Ophelia
Rafaela_thumbpicture3.png renee_thumb.png Sophia_thumbnail2.png Teresa_thumb.png    
Rafaela Renee Sohpia Teresa    


Beyond Abyssal Ones


Priscilla_thumb.png The_destroyer_thumbpic.png
Priscilla The Destroyer


Abyssal Ones


Cassandra_thumb.png Hysteria_thumbpicture2.png Isley_thumbnial.png Luciela_thumbpic.png Riful_thumbnial.png Rosemary_thumbpic.png
Cassandra Hysteria Isley Luciel Riful Rosemary


Notable Awakened Beings


Abyssal_feeders_thumbpic.png Agatha_thumbfour.png Dauf_thumb.png Destroyer_spawn.png Rigald_thumb.png
Abyssal Feeder Agatha Dauf Destroyer Parasite Rigald


Other Characters





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