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Name: Hody Jones (sometimes translated as Hodi or Hordy)
Origin: One Piece
Gender: Male
Classification: White Shark Fishman, Captain of the New Fishman Pirates, Former Royal Guard of the Ryugu Kingdom
Age: 30
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, skilled in the use of tridents, considerably skilled in the art of Fishman Karate which allows him to control all the water within his vicinity including the water in a person's body (although by Jinbe's standards he's an amateur), can breathe underwater and swim incredibly fast, like all fishmen he is greatly increased strength wise when in the water, can use water to fire powerful projectiles capable of traveling several kilometers all the while crashing through several buildings
Weaknesses: Weaker on land than in the water as he cannot fight at his full potential unless he is in his natural habitat, the side-effect of taking Energy Steroids is to make the user much older
Destructive Capacity: Large building level+ (destroyed a big part of a thick castle wall with a casual grip) | At least large building level+ | Town level+ (given his bite was strong enough to pierce Luffy's Busōshoku Haki guard) | At least town level+ (likely higher, given he is further strengthened by E.S. in this state)
Range: Extended human melee range (due to size), several kilometers with projectiles (once stated to be 150 km, but this was a mistranslation)
Speed: Hypersonic+ (blocked a ranged slash from Zoro by grabbing a subordinate and using him as a shield), faster underwater | Hypersonic+ | Hypersonic+ (clearly physically more able than pre-TS Supernovas at this point) | Hypersonic+
Durability: At least building level+ via powerscaling | Large building level+ (given his Base Form standards, was also completely unaffected by point-blank gunfire to his back) | Town level+ (withstood several Busoushoku and Gear Second attacks from Luffy) | Town level+ (likely higher, given he is further strengthened by E.S. in this state)
Lifting Strength: Class M+ | Class M+ | At least Class G+ | At least Class G+
Striking Strength: Class MJ+ | At least Class MJ+ | Class TJ+ | At least Class TJ+
Stamina: Superhuman+ (is able to keep going after a severe beating, can also use E.S. to recuperate in battle)
Standard Equipment: His trident, Kirisame (a curved blade that Hody puts on his back (close to his dorsal fin) to cut people while swimming (this further enhances his shark features), Energy Steroids (see below)
Intelligence: Skilled combatant, extremely devious
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Energy Steroids: A special pill that the New Fishman Pirates got their hands on. When taken, it greatly enhances the physical ability of the consumer, as well as increases their muscle mass: one pill enhances the strength of the user twofold, two pills will make it fourfold, and each additional intake will continue to increase the strength exponentially. Aside from increasing one's physical strength, the pills also have regenerative properties. While the pills do grant great power and ease the pain, the price for their usage is quite high: in exchange for the benefits, the pill shaves some time off the user's remaining lifespan.

  • E.S. Transformed Hody/OD Hody: After overdosing on the drugs and then recovering, Hody underwent a drastic transformation, becoming larger, more muscular and his hair was bleached completely white. In this form, his physical ability is monstrously augmented.


  • Monster Hody: After sustaining several attacks from Luffy, Hody swallowed at least one (likely more) Energy Steroid(s) to dull the pain and regenerate the damage inflicted by Luffy. This transformed Hody further; his eyes became distinctively small and "fish like", his jaw became bigger and he grew almost twice as big as before. In this state Hody's physical capacity is further increased.


Monster Hody

- Fishman Karate (Gyojin Karate): A martial art that is practiced by the fishman race. While deadly enough on land, Fishman Karate has a number of devastating underwater moves designed to be suitable with the Fishmen natural strengths and mobility while under water and, in some cases, a fishman's personal adaptation (fins, teeth, etc.). The objective of Fishman Karate is mastery of the water in the user's direct vicinity, using its power to send powerful waves impacting the water within the opponent's body.

  • Soshark
    (Rough Shark)
    : A grip technique Hody uses to crush stuff with his hand.


  • Gyojin Jujutsu: Mizugokoro (Fishman Way of Yielding: Water Heart): Like Jinbe, Hody manipulates the water with his hands as if it were tangible.


    • Murasame (School of Shark): Hody throws the water which takes the shape of a flock of sharks which bite his opponent. It is essentially a more powerful version of Yabusame.


  • Uchimizu (Water Shot): The basic version of Yabusame, in which Hody throws a single drop of water like a bullet.


  • Yabusame (Arrow Military Shark): Hody first wets his arm, then he punches the air in a chosen direction, using his massive strength to throw many drops of water, which are converted into deadly arrows through mere kinetic force.


  • Umidaiko (Ocean Drum): Hody punches the water in front of him. pushing it at his opponent and sending a shockwave through it. The shockwave hits the opponent. dealing great damage and leaving a pressure mark on his body.

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Key: Base | E.S. Drugged Hody (1-4 pills at a time) | E.S. Transformed Hody/OD Hody | Monster Hody