The strongest thing in Claymore (not really)

Name: Priscilla, epithet "the One Horned Monster"
Origin: Claymore
Gender: Female
Classification: Awakened Being, Former Claymore No. 2 of the Organization
Age: Unknown, likely in her mid 20's
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, regeneration (high-mid, her regeneration rate far surpasses that of any other in Claymore), flight (has wings in her awakened form), enhanced senses, excellent swordsmanship, able to enhance her stats with Yoki (her Yoki far outstrips any of the Abyssal Ones), can sense Yoki, can suppress her Yoki (effectively hiding her from other people able to sense it), immortality (type 1), shapeshifting (can transform into her awakened form to significantly augment her power, can extend tendrils from her fingers and arms as well as sprout bladed tentacles from her body), duplication
Weaknesses: None notable
Destructive Capacity: Town level+ (demolished the Destroyer's hill-sized outer shell in a single attack)
Range: Extended human melee range, at least a hundred meters with tentacles
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (blitzed Riful from a distance that appeared to be miles while in her human form)
Durability: Town level+ (her regeneration also makes her very difficult to kill)
Lifting Strength: Superhuman, exact extent unknown
Striking Strength: Class TJ+ (she is superior to the Abyssal Ones in every aspect, Riful commented that Priscilla was much stronger than either Isley or herself, casually caught and crushed a projectile from the Destroyer which punched holes in mountains with one arm)
Stamina: Very large, does not appear to tire, her regeneration further compliments her stamina
Standard Equipment: Claymore Sword
Intelligence: Years of martial arts training and battle experience
Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Yoki (Demon Energy): The energy of a yoma. When a Claymore is created she assimilates the yoma yoki. The claymores uses yoki to use special skills like increasing their strength and speed: the more yoki used, the bigger the boost, but the distortion induced by the yoki released is also increased proportionally. Moreover, the claymore also gradually loses her human self to the yoma within her the more yoki she uses; if they go beyond a certain point, they will 'awaken' and completely loose touch with their human self. Many Claymore also uses their yoki to make special moves.

  • Yoki Suppression: Priscilla is able to keep her yoki completely suppressed, while retaining yoki sensing and fighting ability.


  • Finger/Arm Tendrils: This technique is executed when Priscilla pierces bodies with her fingers or arm. This is further extended when her fingers or portions of her arm form into tendril's like protrustions (shown to be bladed in one occasion as she obilerated a giant spike fired by the Destroyer) which penetrate and shred the opponent from the inside out before completely ripping them into pieces. This ability can be used in both her human and awakened form.


  • Extendable Limbs: Priscilla is able to rapidly grow and extend her wings, fingers and arms as well as sprout multiple tentacles to attack and pulverize her enemies.


  • Awakened Form: After she passed the limit of how much yoki she could release and retain her humanity, Priscilla awakened completely and gained access to her innate awakened form. In this form her power is considerably enhanced and she gains a pair of wings, allowing her to fly.



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