Dante is back, let's rock


Name: Dante Sparda? (Badguy?) :maybe, Tony Redgrave (the alias name which was used in a Devil May Cry novel and is used when he lives like an average civilian)
Origin: Devil May Cry
Gender: Male
Classification: Half Demon, Half-Human Hybrid, Demon Hunter
Age: 25
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, dexterity, endurance, time manipulationregeneration (low-mid, almost instantaneous since his wounds heal over as soon as they're being dealt, which is why it's hars to decapitate/dismember him), teleportation, can transform with the Devil Trigger which gives him flight, can create a doppelganger of himself, master swordsman and marksman, Dante can also absorb the powers of other demons and fashion them into relics and he has shown minor resistance to a soulfuck and can channel his demonic energy into other objects which allows them to perform better than they usually would (examples would be allowing a motorbike to storm several kilometers vertically within a minute or so and charging normal bullets into around building busters), can survive without oxygen (shown underwater and when he is warped into an area resembling space), telekinesis (caught a motorbike with it), can seal people/demons away, with Yamato he has spatial manipulation, supernatural willpower (has had his mothers death and other mental traumas replayed to him numerous times, been to hell and back at least twice etc) | Some form of dimensional travel (multiversal scale, ofc)
Weaknesses: As stamina decreases, his regeneration becomes less efficient. As of Devil May Cry 2, he has had to place a limit on his power as he was getting too powerful, arrogant and usually screws around unless he fights someone he finds is around the same level as him. Reboots. Strawberry Sundaes.
Destructive Capacity: Town level+ (defeated Leviathan) | At least continent level+ (stronger than Mundus, killed Abigail and also defeated Argosax) | At least continent level+, likely higher | At least multiverse level+ (gave the Demi-Fiend a challenge after he had already defeated the Cardinal Angels, claimed only Metatron is above him whoever is more likely comparable if not a bit weaker than Beelzebub) | At least continent level+, likely much higher (End of Game Dante became stronger than Urizen [Post-Qliphoth Apple], becomes also much stronger in his True DT form; Dante and Vergil are the two strongest characters in the series by the end of the game)
Range: Several hundred meters with projectiles | At least multiversal+
Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (fought Nevan and her lightning) | Sub-relativistic+ (matched Abigail, whose lightning is far faster than real lightning) | Sub-relativistic+ | Immeasurable (kept up with the Demi-Fiend) | Sub-relativistic+
Durability: Town level+ | Continent level+ | At least continent level+, likely higher (took attacks from Mundus) | At least multiverse level+ (survived an encounter against the Demi-Fiend) | At least continent level+, likely much higher
Lifting Strength: Class 5+ | Class G | Class G+ | Immeasurable
Striking Strength: Class TJ+ | Class YJ+ | At least Class YJ+, likely higher | Immeasurable | At least Class YJ+, likely higher
Stamina: Extremely high, can casually stroll around and make smart ass remarks with a buster sword-sized blade shoved through his chest and being gutted by multiple scythes didn't impede his performance in the slightest | Immense
Intelligence: Master swordsman, skilled marksman. Is generally able to learn to use any new weapons he acquires almost instantly, assuming he doesn't just have previous knowledge of the use of similar weapons, extensive experience with fighting demons, can use nearly anything as a weapon, has no need for intelligence boosting multiversal artifacts
Standard Equipment: The Rebellion sword, Force Edge sword, and Ebony & Ivory (twin pistols) carries a shotgun around in DMC4 also; Devil Sword Dante as of DMC5

Other Equipment: (he's shown with all of these outside of gameplay so they should count as standard)

- Sparda/Force Edge: Dante's weapon of choice in DMC1. Seems like your average Devil Arm, but can transform into a massively powerful version called the Sparda, which was used by Dante's father, Sparda. Currently his strongest Devil Arm.

- Yamato: This katana was originally Vergil's but Dante claimed it in DMC4 Nero currently has it though. Separates the demon world from the human world.

- Rebellion: Dante's personal Devil Arm. It resembles a broadsword and was awakened upon contact with Dante's blood. It's capable of some wickedly powerful attacks, and a Devil Trigger to boot. Also said to be a physical manifestation of Dante's power.

- Alastor: Alastor is a living weapon and is a lightning spirit, it likes to judge anyone who walks by it looking for its rightful wielder. Naturally, Dante was chosen. Alastor was said to give whoever wields it a speed boost (However the cutscene that shows him acquiring this supports this claim). Alastor has some kind of precognition as it starts glowing with electricity when Dante is in danger.

- Ifrit: One of the three gauntlets that Dante acquires over the course of his travels. Like Alastor it likes to try and kill anyone who crosses it, Dante subdues it though. Ifrit is associated with the element of hellfire.

- Cerberus: Was a hellhound with 3 heads, Dante defeated it in battle and Cerberus allowed himself to become one of Dante's devil arms. It uses ice to attack and is able to freeze opponents. This weapon also provides Dante with a defense, as Dante can create ice shields with it.

- Agni and Rudra: A pair of talking scimitars that are best known for never shutting the fuck up. Dante is able to dual-wield them. Agni provides fire and Rudra provides wind. This allows for some nasty combos.

- Nevan: Was originally a hot-ass lightning witch/vampire/demon thing, Dante and her flirted during their battle. She willingly gives her soul to Dante and becomes a awesome guitar that shoots out lightning and bats. It also doubles as a scythe.

- Beowulf: Another pair of gauntlets, Beowulf was a prick while he was a demon but that all changes when he becomes a Devil Arm amps up Dante's already impressive strength. It is also an obvious reference to Streetfighter.

- Gilgamesh: Same as Beowulf really, Dante used these to shatter one of the hell gates with a one-inch punch (Hellgates are around the size of large buildings. Possibly higher).

- Lucifer: Able to summon spectral blades in a similar fashion to Vergil's. It also gives a awesome scene in which Dante makes so many sexual innuendos it's ridiculous. Also able to bust one of the hell gates.

- Artemis: A shit version of beam spamming really. Nothing else to say.

- Pandora: Epitome of awesome, a briefcase that is said to hold 666 forms (obvious hyperbole). Forms it has taken have included... a bowgun, a bazooka, a laser cannon, a gatling gun, a mobile missile battery, a boomerang and if he opens the case some bad shit happens and rapes anything around it. Also busted one of the hell gates (and a family of huge demons to boot). Packs enough firepower to send several large toads flying and blow them to pieces.


Cavaliere: A (playable!) electric motorcycle that can double as twin chainsaws. Enough said.

Balrog: Pair of (fire) gauntlets similar to Ifrit that built heat to unleash stronger attacks.

King Cerberus: Cerberus bigger badder cousin with not only stronger ice, but also fire (as a bo staff) and lightning (as a three-section staff)

Devil Sword Dante: By far his strongest weapon and also his main one, it is a result of Dante absorbing Rebellion and Sparda, creating the sword and unlocking his Sin Devil Trigger. Keeps all of Sparda's/Rebellion's move while allowing Dante to create multiple Summoned Swords to assist him in battle.

- Dr. Faust: Use demon blood to fire bullets which makes demons bleed even more. Also gave us Dante dancing ala Michael Jackson, which is :bury

Kalina Ann/Kalina Ann II (Double Kalina Ann): Basically Dante taking Lady's rocket launcher and combining it with a copy of it (with a laser function too!) for maximum YEEHAW!

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Dimension Slash: Dante can conjure blade beams that cover the entire battlefield, from Yamato.

- Devil Trigger: Dante can transform into a demonic form and his speed and strength increase, and can constantly recuperate vitality for a short time. He has a ton of these, each with a separate set of certain skills, to fit nearly every situation.

- Doppelganger: Dante creates a perfect clone of himself.

- Jackpot!: Uses this technique to seal demons away. Notably used against Mundus, Arkham and The Despair Embodied.

- Time Stop: What it says on the tin.

Sin Devil Trigger: Dante's upgraded DT that he obtains by merging with Rebellion and Sparda. Eclipse everything else in his arsenal in terms of pure power, but he cannot maintain the form for long periods of time.

Multiversal Movelist:

- E & I: Shoots the fuck out of shit on a multiversal scale.

- Rebelllion: Multiversal sword combo.

- Holy Star: Multiversal dispelling.

- Roundtrip: Multiversal lightning.

- Whirlwind: Multiversal wind attack.

- Bullet Time: Multiversal mindfuck bullets of fuck.

- Stinger: Multiversal almighty attack.

- Showtime: Multiversal almighty combo. Says 'fuck you' to durability... multiversally.

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Note: Not to be confused with the FMA anime character of the same name