Vergil needs more POWER


Name: Vergil
Origin: Devil May Cry
Gender: Male
Classification: Human, Demon Hybrid
Age: 19, as Nelo Angelo: unknown (presumably in his 20's)
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, master swordsman, regeneration (low-mid), can summon Phantom Swords, teleportation, can fly in DT, can absorb the powers of other demons as shown with Beowulf, Yamato is capable of spatial manipulation | Increased physical abilities, seemed to be able to change his appearance as he copied Dante's and he was able to walk through a mirror which may indicate dimension jumping or intangibility, immunity to time manipulation, can shoot fireballs from his hands
Weaknesses: As he loses stamina his regeneration gets worn down, somewhat arrogant, loses his cool when he doesn't get his breakfast. Sin Devil Trigger only lasts temporarily and Vergil needs a short recovery time before reusing it.
Destructive Capacity: Town level+, the abilities of Yamato generally ignore durability | Possibly city level+ | At least continent level+, likely much higher (End of Game Vergil is stronger than Urizen [Post-Qliphoth Apple = Urizen being Vergil's evil side], he and Dante are tied for the strongest characters in the series and he is above DMC5 Nero who only beat him due to Vergil already being tired from fighting against Dante beforehand)
Range: A dozen meters or so
Speed: Massively hypersonic+, higher in DT | Sub-relativistic | Sub-relativistic+ (can easily keep up with Dante)
Durability: Town level+ (regeneration makes him hard to kill) | Possibly city level+ | At least continent level+, likely much higher (tanked numerous attacks from Dante and Nero)
Lifting Strength: Class 50+ | Class G (was able to match and overpower Dante) | Class G+ (on par with Dante)
Striking Strength: Class TJ+ | At least Class TJ+, likely much higher | At least Class YJ+, likely higher
Stamina: Extremely high
Standard Equipment: Force Edge, Yamato, and Beowulf | Giant zweilhandler which is black in color instead of Force Edge and Yamato
Intelligence: Master swordsman, can master weapons quickly, master manipulator
Notable attacks/techniques:

- Judgment Cut: Vergil uses Yamato to cut through opponents from a distance.

- Phantom Swords: Vergil fires swords that look like Force Edge and can attack while firing them.

- Spiral Swords: The Swords surround Vergil protecting him. Anything that gets near is shredded

- Sword Storm: He makes the Spiral swords around him teleport and attacks the enemy from various directions.

- Super Judgment Cut: Fires multiple numbers of Judgment cuts

- Boomerang Edge: Throws Force Edge like a Boomerang while it returns he must attack with his Yamato.

- Devil Trigger: Amps his stats and attacks, gains the ability to fly.

- Dark Angel: Vergil slices his opponent multiple times at insane speeds while forming Phantom Swords behind his opponent, he then fires the swords in a GoB style manner as he turns his back and sheathes his sword.

As Nelo Angelo:

He retains his martial arts and magic swords but gains a black zweilhandler as his weapon.

- Fireball: Can fire dark energy balls as Nelo Angelo.

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Key: DMC3 Vergil | Nelo Angelo | DMC5


Vergil as he appears in DMC 3 and DMC 4 Special

Other: Should be noted that in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, he beats Shuma-Gorath and goes on to claim he could take the rest of the Old Ones. Like a boss. One could say he has... Multiversal motivation :maybe but this is non-canon though. Multiversal dream. :maybe